Doctors at Home Services

Family Physician

After Diagnostic Services at Home we have launched Doctors at Home, this would help complete loop of our Services. The Main purpose is to deliver ‘Healthcare
outside hospitals’ in the right way. Aiming is on clinical expertise with nursing care. Treat patient at an affordable cost.

During visits of our Family Physician at home to understand the health status, recommend diagnostics, treatment plan which is possible at Home or refer them to a specialist, if required.

Doctor will also Discuss with relatives on Line of Treatment best Possible way at Home with all Possibilities & Limitation

The family doctor can suggest if a particular treatment is suitable for being given at home. They may refer the patient for home treatment whilst keeping them under
supervision at all times.

Policies and Practices

School Environments

Physical Education and Physical Activity

School Health Services

School Employee Wellness

Health Screening

Nutrition Services

Health Education

Family and Community

Professional Development

What Services can avail during doctor visits:

Geriatric Care

Bed Ridden Patient Care

Post Hospitalisation Treatment

Emergency Minor Health Issue

Paralysis Patient Management

Diabetics & Hypertensions

Small Injury & Wounds

Routine & Random check up

Advantages of the service:

Avoid Public Contact in Pandemic

Personal Attention

Quality Home Care Services

No Need To Move Patient

Saving of Travel Time

Fix Up Appointment as per your Comfort