Portable Xray – Home Services

Bedside Comfort & Doorstep Convenience
X-Ray on Wheels truly maximizes convenience, both to patient and relative. And availing this service is also easy.

  • Call our special number
  • Our executive will understand your requirement
  • The special van will reach your place at the specified time
  • Our technician will set up the unit by the patient’s bed
  • He will do the required X-Ray, quickly and efficiently
  • Returning to the van, he will get the output and the report
  • No need to shift the patient anywhere!

Other Highlights

We provide Mobile X-Ray Facility with Bedside Comfort and Doorstep Convenience. X-Ray On Wheels is a health care innovation that offers doorstep digital X-Ray facility.

Available 12x7

Reliable, rapid response service

Qualified, caring staff

High Quality Digital X-Rays

Same-hour reports

Facility of e-mailing reports

Report available in hard or soft copy